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Contrapunctus Early Music is comprised of a core group

of professional voices from which a variety of ensembles are drawn.

The size of the ensemble for any performance can range from 4 to 16 -

the exact makeup of the group at any time depends on the requirements of the program and venue. 


Through both a cappella and accompanied singing, at times interwoven with spoken word,

Contrapunctus Early Music is able to bring the history of each piece

and context of each program to life.

Altos & Countertenors

Judith Acres

Tricia Crane

Donna Fagerhaug

Lisa Foster

Kiko Weinroth

Judy Rubin

Gail West

Dawn Durdella

Kristen Johnson

Barbara Margolis

John McElliott

Joseph Schlesinger

Kevin Foster

Gene Karlen

Tyler Skidmore


Ian Crane

Nathan Longnecker

Brian MacGilvray

Dave Rubin

Contrapunctus Early Music is especially pleased to work in many of our programs with talented instrumentalists

and accomplished actors from throughout Northeast Ohio!

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